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I Can Math (ICM) is a non‑profit organization founded in 2017 to help preschool children in Arizona improve and expand their early math foundational skills. Longitudinal research demonstrates that foundational mathematical understanding-more than any other content area-predicts long-term success on school achievement measures. ICM also supports future teachers (college students) in hands-on experiences through the ICM program and curriculum to further their understanding of the importance of math education.
Just as we say, "I can read", we hope to inspire children to say, "I Can Math"!

By age 8, children need to have developed complex thinking skills, as best evidenced by their grasp of conceptual mathematics1 . When children have a strongly internalized understanding of numbers before kindergarten, they are far more likely to demonstrate long-term proficiency not only in mathematics but also in literacy over their academic lives. While foundational literacy predicts long-term proficiency in reading, there is no correlation between early reading skills and long-term math proficiency2 

ICM provides opportunities for children to expand their early math foundational skills to prepare them to meet education goals in kindergarten and beyond.

1Hadini, H. (2016). Reimagining School Readiness: A Literature Review. Center For Childhood Creativity.


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