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Program Collaboration


I Can Math works with preschool classrooms and targets children ages 3-5. Using Jean Piaget’s model of learning through play, ICM mentors adapt the math curriculum and activities to fit the theme of the classroom and the development levels of each child


I Can Math focuses on early math skills in preschool classrooms. Through the collaboration of preschool teachers and college students, the preschool classroom becomes an “I Can Math” classroom. Classroom teachers provide insight in to the activities, curriculum, and small group work implemented with the children. Teachers are used as role models and are contributors to making the program a success.

College Students

Using the efforts of college students and future teachers, ICM provides small group math opportunities to preschool children twice a week. Research shows that the most effective interactions strike a balance between child and adult directed learning. College student mentors work with children on early numeracy, spatial reasoning and number sense through the use of games, discussion, and free play.  


Created by Amanda Gryzkewicz, ICM founder, with contributions from Professor Heather Little of DePaul University, the ICM curriculum is adaptable to each individual child’s developmental level. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate for preschool children and uses Arizona state standards and Common Core benchmarks to ensure the fidelity and rigor of the content, while still providing math opportunities in a fun and collaborative preschool environment.

Programs at a Glance 

I Can Math offers classrooms three options for preschool classrooms:

  1. Teacher-Led Model

  2.  College Student Led-Model 

  3.  Curriculum Model


Read below for more information on each option.  Please email us for inquiries and pricing. Scholarships are available for classrooms and schools who qualify. 

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