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Patterns are everywhere!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Patterns are used in our life every day. We see them in clothing, houses, shoes, paintings, decorations and so much more.

This week the ASU interns are working on patterns. Patterns are a repetition of a designated characteristic, such as colors, designs, or shapes. Patterns can also be based on our daily routines. Having a regular routine teaches children what to expect. For example, first we brush our teeth, then wash our face, put on our pajamas and finally jump into bed. Children know what the expectations and what comes next after each step. This might be a great way to introduce children to bedtime (but also allows children to stall, so be prepared!). Patterns are an important component for certain skills like, counting, recognizing shapes, and learning music.

Spending multiple weeks on patterns enables students to grasp the concept of a pattern and how they are used in their lives every day.

A couple of ways to teach patterns:

· Using colors (pink, blue, pink…)

· Shapes – (looking at designs on walls or in pictures)

· Letters- (A-B-A-B-A-B)

· Music- Using the lyrics, beats or rhythm

· Clapping and Stomping – (Cha-Cha Slide song-the same phrases repeat over and over again through-out the song).

Check out our website for our April Box: Raindrop and Rainbows for a pattern activity. Sign up for a our newsletter and receive a free pattern activity. Sign up on our website at

Have fun learning about Patterns!

Happy Mathing,

-The ICM team

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